The International Relation Office (IRO) at Cairo University (CU) was established in 2014 with the objective of contributing to the internationalization of Cairo University. Before 2014, support for international students, research grants, and international agreements were implemented using scattered functional units across the campus and departments. The consolidation of these functional units aimed at improving both effectiveness and efficiency of operation, as well as, enhancing the services that our customers can receive from a single point of contact in campus.

Funding Opportunities for Scientific Mobility and Research Projects" - 28th March 2018

فى اطار أنشطة مكتب العلاقات الدولية - جامعة القاهرة 

تحت رعاية 


السيد الأستاذ الدكتور / محمد عثمان الخشت 

رئيس جامعة القاهرة 


السيد الأستاذ الدكتور / عمرو أمين عدلى 

نائب رئيس الجامعة للدراسات العليا والبحوث 


السيد الأستاذ الدكتور/ محمد سامح عمرو 

المشرف على مكتب العلاقات الدولية 


نتشرف بدعوة سيادتكم لحضور ندوة تعريفية بعنوان 


"Funding Opportunities for Scientific Mobility and Research Projects" 



بقاعة القاسمى - المكتبة المركزية - جامعة القاهرة 

يوم الأربعاء الموافق 28 مارس 2018 من الساعة 10 صباحاُ حتى 5 عصرا

IRO Orientation Session - 13 Sept., 2017 at Arab Council Building

The International Relations Office (IRO)  - Cairo University under the auspices of Prof. Amr Adly - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research  held  a meeting for international coordinators at Cairo University on Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 10 am in the Great Hall of the Council of the Arab Council. The meeting aims at discussing the most important topics and to recognize the achievements of the international coordinators and assistants of the IR during 2017/2016.

This was followed by the welcoming meeting of the European Union Scholars (Erasmus + KA1) from the students of the bachelor, master and doctoral students and the faculty members of Cairo University who are expected to travel during the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018. The meeting aims at introducing the scholarship recipients to the issues that should be followed during the grant period, as well as to present the experiences of the fellows who received the same grants previously.


International Relation Office - Cairo University (IRO-CU) presented by Prof. Hossam M. Safaa (presentation_Part 1, Part 2).




Events and Activities

Funding Opportunities for Research Mobility and Scientific Projects (Agenda)

International Research Funding Opportunities for Health Sector (22/03/2018)


The 8th Annual Stem Cell Conference at the Great Hall, Of the National Cancer Institute on Dec. 27-28, 2017 (Agenda).

Funding Opportunities for Research Mobility and Scientific project Orientation Session  - 9 Oct. 17 (Agenda).

IRO Orientation Session - 13 Sept., 2017 at Arab Council Building (Agenda).


Al-Idrisi II Final Meeting in Settat, Morocoo 27-28 April, 2017 (presentation).


Funding Opportunities, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES), 7th March 2017- 10:00 am-1:00 pm (presentation will be uploaded soon).